*Is this DVD for photographers starting out or for those who have had their business for a certain period of time?
This DVD is for any photographer who wants to take their business to the next level. HARVEST DVD used to be a one-day workshop that we did and we have had photographers just starting their businesses benefit from the content, as well as those who had been in the industry for longer than us. This is for everyone.

*Is this DVD for ANY photographer, or just wedding photographers?
As it is often said, “Business is business is business.” Regardless of what type of business you are in, business and marketing principles don’t change. We have received some of the best business and marketing advice from people who run multi-million dollar companies that have nothing to do with the photography industry. All that to say, this is for anyone. Take the principles and tips and apply them to your own business.

*I saw you on creativeLIVE is this the same content?
The short answer: No, for the most part :) The long answer – the first three days that that we spent on creativeLIVE were about the wedding day – how we shot and how we logistically planned and prepared for our weddings. Our most recent appearance covered how we work behind-the-scenes as a couple, how we edit, and how we design our albums. HARVEST DVD is all about the business and marketing aspect of what we do – not the logistical side. There is SOME content overlap from the 3rd day of creativeLIVE (the mentality we had on marketing ourselves via our website, screening clients & the client experience). In HARVEST we share more in-depth on those topics as well as other topics that we did not cover on creativeLIVE. For an in-depth description on the content, refer to the Contents section found on this site.

*When will my DVD ship?
Your DVD should ship within 3-4 business days at a maximum.

*How do I get the bonus content & sponsor discounts?
The 3 bonus videos and sponsor discounts are on the hard copy of the DVD that you will receive in the mail.