Harvest DVD Testimonials
Harvest DVD Testimonials


My life is soo much better now because not only am I shooting what I love, but I'm making a profit, building relationships, spending more time with my family, and dreaming of even bigger things to come. - Jessica Gray

Being a destination hot spot for weddings, I rarely get to meet clients beforehand. The script that the Gray's provided works like magic. After talking with clients, my booking rate increased dramatically. - Anna Kim

We found the workshop was so helpful because it is so straightforward and easy to understand and it taught us in a way that we could actually transpose a lot in our daily business. Zach & Jody's sales process was the most inspiring. We were able to triple our rate of success in sales by implementing some real simple techniques. Thank you Zach & Jody - Stephan Wallner

Overall the biggest benefit was managing my time efficiently and learning to make my clients walking talking billboards for our business by making them feel like the most special clients we have ever had! - Lucy Parker Randall

Dropping paid advertising and marketing strictly through word-of-mouth/social media has been a huge success for me. The types of weddings I began booking changed dramatically and it has been such a blessing working with couples who are really excited about the whole experience of working with me. It makes me wake up every day and love my job more than the day before. I feel like such a lucky girl. - Ashley Cochrane

Wow - I learned so much at the Business Workshop and my business has benefited in SO many ways! But probably the biggest benefit to my business was the knowledge to market myself effectively at NO cost to myself! Turning my past and present clients into "walking billboards" has made a huge difference to my marketing strategy, my client experience and my number of bookings! - Andi Watson

The biggest benefit for me was learning how to seal the deal when having a client meeting, we were stuck on the in-between stage and weren't booking a ton, we weren't confident in what we were offering. Now, we have a 97% booking rate all because of the way we now view our bookings and the way we respond. – Ali Brannan

The workshop has influenced our work and our private lives in a positive way so that we now have three times more success in less working time and at the same time more time for yourself and our family. That's why we love Zach & Jody and of course they gave us the kickoff to change our lives. - Stephan Wallner

Setting up a business/mission statement has helped me focus more and do what I love and let go of what I don't. I am also working harder to focus on my relationships at home instead of my relationship with the computer! - Autumn Lee

I now understand the importance of a positive life/business balance - my focus is for my business to work for me, not me working for my business! - Andi Watson

I attended the workshop in my first full year of business. The year before, I second shot for 3 weddings. The year I attended the workshop, I shot 10 weddings and booked 17 for the following year. I feel like putting into practice much of the social media marketing helped me SO much. About half of my inquiries last year came from Facebook alone. - Ashley Cochrane

My bookings have dramatically increased. This time last year I had only 5 weddings booked for the year and ended up with 19. As of now I have 20 weddings booked for this year and I'm still getting inquiries and calls for more. My goal is 25 and I really believe that it's possible I'll go beyond that this year. - Jessica Gray

You guys really have it together and I feel blessed that my business started off on the right foot and grew so rapidly because of the great foundation I received. - Ashley Cochrane

The personal interest, concern, passion and compassion showed by Zach and Jody was phenomenal. You will not leave "empty handed" after being around them! - Charlie Naramore

Zach & Jody, thank you SO MUCH for what you have taught me. The benefits to my business and my life in general have been immeasurable - I know for sure that I would not be in the position that I am today, feeling so positive about my photography business, if I had not attended your Business Workshop. - Andi Watson